You want to write novels that readers give five star reviews and recommend to their friends.

Trouble is, that isn't happening. At least, not yet.

You know you’ve got the potential to write novels readers can’t put down.

But right now, you’re not sure how to craft a page-turning story.

The Big Picture is a service to help you hook readers on your current novel and build the storytelling skills you need to become a top author in your genre.

Are you a published author who….

  • Loves writing and wants to know the secrets to producing the best novels possible…
  • Worries how readers will review your next novel - you’re not sure what you did right in your previous books...
  • Wonders what you need to do next to become one of those authors that other writers look up to
  • Has queried literary agents in the past - only to be rejected...
  • Dreams of writing one of those breakout novels that everyone talks about...

Or maybe you're a first time-novelist who….

  • Feels overwhelmed with ideas for your book and unsure about which ones to keep in and what to leave out...
  • Wonders what the secret is to making your story (finally) come together...
  • Worries that readers won’t continue beyond the first the few pages of your novel…
  • Wants to know how to finish this novel so you could get started on your next one...
  • Dreams of a career as a full-time writer and feels determined to do what it takes to make that happen...

Do your daydreams sound like this...

Picturing the moment when you’re at a writers’ conference sitting on the same panel as your favorite authors, as their peer. Imagining how satisfied you’ll feel when you’re at a book-signing talking with fans who can’t wait for your next novel.

Dreaming of the day when you wake up in the morning to work on the manuscript to be published in a few months, brainstorm plans for a new series at lunchtime, and spend the afternoon responding to fan mail, recording an interview where you're the subject of interest. Then wrap it all up with a strategy session with your agent. What kind of contract terms would you consider acceptable from the publishers who want in on your new series?

What if

  • Publishing your next novel was a career turning point - the first step to making your dreams of becoming a full-time writer come true?
  • So many agents and editors loved your novel that there was a bidding war over the right to publish your next book?
  • Other novelists start asking you for advice because you’re the one they look up to now?

Sara Mikulic- long testimonial (1).png

With The Big Picture you will learn to

  • Craft a story that builds in conflict and suspense and keeps readers turning pages
  • Write an opening sequence that will show up on Amazon's Look Inside feature and immediately draw readers into your story
  • Build a strong, emotional bond between your readers and your characters
  • Keep your readers hooked with the right balance of pleasing and teasing
  • Satisfy readers expectations so fans will leave hungry for more of your writing
  • Tell a clear, memorable story that no one else but you can write

Most importantly, you’ll be taking a big step forward in your career as a fiction author. You’ll have a clear map of how to make your current novel a page-turner and a process to help you make every future novel a story that readers can’t put down.

How The Big Picture Works

The Big Picture is a customized service designed to help writers learn how to hold a reader’s attention throughout an entire novel. It’s appropriate for authors with a 50k-100k word first draft of a novel in a commercial fiction genre. (fantasy, romance, thriller, or subgenres like paranormal romance, urban fantasy, historical thriller, etc.)

The Big Picture starts with an evaluation of your entire existing manuscript. It continues with 8 editorial feedback calls in alternating weeks to hone your overall narrative arc and start revisions. You’ll have homework assignments in-between each of the feedback calls to help improve your story. After our last call, you’ll receive a Next Steps Recommendation Letter so you can continue revising to make your novel a book readers can’t put down.

The Big Picture Breakdown

  • Pre-work survey to help us determine how best to build on your existing manuscript

  • Complete review of your existing manuscript

  • 8 1-hour calls with personal one-on-one feedback to help you grow as a writer and storyteller

  • Audio recording of each call that you can keep forever

  • Assignments to help you craft a page-turning story filled with believable, compelling characters and a compelling opening sequence

  • Cheat sheets, short guides, and other resources to help you master key writing and storytelling concepts

  • Experience using a professional writing process that will help you save time (and frustration) on all your future novels

  • Next Steps Recommendation Letter that will help you continue to grow as a writer after our work together is done

The Big Picture: Investment

Includes an evaluation of your existing manuscript (limit: 100k words), eight (8) editorial feedback calls, a Next Steps Recommendation letter.

Turn your fantasy, paranormal, romance, thriller, action-adventure, mystery, or historical manuscript into a novel readers can't put down.

3 payments of $500

*Got a manuscript that’s over 100k? Ask for a custom quote when you schedule a feedback call on your first 5k words.

The Big Picture is a personalized service that helps novelists craft a story that obeys fundamental storytelling principles at the same time it respects each writer’s unique voice.

If you’re one of the motivated authors who’s determined to build the kind of author career that makes other writers want to walk in your shoes, schedule your free call today.