Start Writing

Lori talks about how the Story Grid helps authors and the importance of understanding the relationship between larger pieces of story. She talks, scene and first chapters, along with introducing your genre early on.

The Creative Writer's Toolbelt

In this episode we talk about why stories matter, and what we as writers should do about that. We discuss the way in which Story Grid, and a developmental editor can actually help authors, and we reflect on the way in which personal tragedy can inform both our lives and our stories.

The Writership Podcast

In this episode, Story Grid certified editors Leslie Watts and Lori Puma critique “Night Fishing,” a coming of age short story by Kevin Glasgow. They discuss how to take your story from pretty good to WOW.


Guest Posts on Story Craft

How to Practice Storytelling:2 Essential Skills

In Malcolm Gladwell’s book Outliers, he proposes that it takes 10,000 hours of practice to master a skill. If the skill you want to master is writing, what exactly should you do in those 10,000 hours? This post defines the two types of storytelling skills that writers need to practice and shares how to practice and improve in both.

The Story Grid Translated Into Common Writing Terms

The Story Grid is an editing method for crafting page-turning fiction. This post is a primer on how the Story Grid matches up with 11 concepts and terms that many writers already know. 

Personal Writing

What to Do When Someone You Love Is Sick and Struggling

How I Learned the Difference Between Courage & Recklessness