Do you...

  • Wonder how to write the kind of book description that would help you get found on Amazon and make readers want to buy
  • Feel stumped about what to do first (or next) in promoting your book and building your author platform. So much of what’s out there in books and blog posts is just plain overwhelming.
  • Feel frustrated by how hard it is to attract readers’ attention on social media
  • Know you need an email list, but feel lost when it comes time to login to Mailchimp (or ConstantContact, AWeber, GetResponse, etc.) and send messages
  • Feel tired of spending hours googling "book marketing tips" when you could be writing
  • Hesitate to tell new readers about your previously published books, the talks and workshops you can offer, or the services you provide because you hate the thought of coming off as salesy

What if you could...

  • Ditch the overwhelm and doubt and know that you are taking the steps needed to promote your book like a professional?
  • Authentically help readers, make money, and have more impact in the world?
  • Proudly say your writing didn’t just support the lifestyle you want, it’s helping you change the world?


How good it will feel when you watch your book rise in the Amazon rankings. Picture the moment a crowd stands to applaud and you’re the one on stage. Imagine how deeply satisfied you’ll feel when someone stops you at the airport and asks, Hey, aren’t you…? Your book changed my life!


Enter: Before the Book

Before the Book is a six-week copywriting and technology consulting service for fiction and nonfiction authors. By the time we’re done, you’ll have done-for-you web and email copy to get interested readers onto your email list, the right technical setup to welcome new subscribers to your list, and the confidence that comes from knowing you’re set up to promote your book like a professional.

Before the Book Breakdown

With Before the Book you will

  • Build the foundation you need to grow the kind of following that leads to more book sales and impact in the world
  • Get a custom, done-for-you book description that makes readers hand over their emails and hits the keywords that will (eventually) help your book get found on Amazon
  • Get a custom, done-for-you copy of the one type of promotional email that generates 320% more revenue per email than any other kinds of promotional email
  • Create a system for staying connected to your readers that will help you sell more books
  • Have the foundation you need to build a community of people who care deeply about the same things that you do
  • Say goodbye to all those frustrating Google searches about how to get your Wordpress or Squarespace site to work with Mailchimp (or Constant Contact, AWeber, GetResponse, etc.) and have more time to spend writing
  • Avoid the sleaze and promote your book and yourself with heart and sincerity

What you get

  • Email list signup page copy that...
    • Inspires visitors to hand over their emails
    • Doubles as a book description and hits all the keywords you need to be found on Amazon
  • Welcome email copy designed to
    • Establish an authentic connection with your new subscribers
    • Help you make more sales of your current book
    • Make money authentically promoting any related books, workshops, products, or services you offer
    • Show that you are a professional author who cares about your readers
  • Three hours of one-on-one technical consulting (two 90-minute phone calls) so that…
    • Your done-for-you copy doesn't waste away in Google Docs, it gets immediately put in the right place on your website and in your email software
    • You can feel confident that when new subscribers sign up, they get exactly what they’re supposed to get, because we’ll test it
    • You feel comfortable working with Mailchimp (or ConstantContact, AWeber, GetResponse, etc) and will be able to update your welcome emails, send messages after our work together is done

Before the Book is a unique and custom program designed to give fiction and nonfiction authors the foundation they need to stand out as a professional author, sell more books, and grow a following for their career.

If you’re one of the driven authors who’s serious about long-term success, we should chat about why one of the limited spots in Before the Book needs to be yours.

Investment: $397

Don't need the tech help?

Talk to me about a custom package if you're already comfortable managing an email list and want help optimizing your web and email funnel for more sales or if you’ve written a stand alone book and just need a book description and ad copy.

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