Do you...

  • Plan for this book to be the first of many but worry how you’ll find your readers
  • See yourself on the TED stage someday, yet feel lost about how to make that happen
  • Dream about your book attracting boatloads of new high-end clients, but fear that you’ll be faced with an empty calendar
  • Sink more and more time into googling book marketing and feel like you’re swimming in circles
  • Feel terrified of being one of those authors who makes sales by being pushy and nagging


How good it will feel when you watch your book rise in the Amazon rankings. Picture the moment a crowd stands to applaud and you’re the one on stage. Imagine how deeply satisfied you’ll feel when someone stops you at the airport and asks, Hey, aren’t you…? Your book changed my life!

What if you...

  • Had thousands of readers who loved your first book so much that they couldn’t wait to hear about your next one?
  • Received regular requests to speak at high-profile events?
  • Attracted so many clients you had to raise your prices – again?
  • Could proudly say your writing didn’t just support the lifestyle you want, it’s helping you change the world?

Enter: Beyond the Book

With Beyond the Book you will learn to

  • Grow the kind of following that leads to more book sales, speaking opportunities, and impact in the world
  • Reclaim your writing time by cutting out clutter and focusing on the few activities that will help you become well-known
  • Build a community of people who care deeply about the same things that you do
  • Share your message so that your followers are moved and inspired to take action
  • Create a system for staying connected to the people who will buy your books, join your movement and follow your career
  • Raise your profile and increase your name recognition
  • Avoid the sleaze and promote yourself and your work with heart and sincerity
  • Feel the pride and gratification that come from looking around and realizing that other authors are looking up to you now

Beyond the Book Breakdown


Beyond the Book is broken into two phases. In the first phase, we refine your message so that when the right people land on your website and subscribe to your email list they feel inspired to click, purchase, share, and reply.

In the second phase, we use your unique skills, strengths, and passions to create a custom Platform Building Plan to increase your name recognition and build a massive following.

Our work together is completely customized. Here's a sample schedule and breakdown:

Phase I (Weeks 1-8)

Call frequency Deliverables
  • One 90 min call in week 1
  • Seven weekly 60 min calls in weeks 2-8
  • Top 5 web pages revised to inspire signups, invitations, and sales
  • Email strategy that creates a community that clicks, buys, and participates
  • Welcome emails rewritten to generate instant connection and build a habit of taking action amongst subscribers
Phase II (Weeks 9-20)
Call frequency Deliverables & Support
  • One 90 min call in week 9
  • Six biweekly 40 min calls in weeks 10-20
  • Custom Platform Building Plan to increase your name recognition, build a following
  • Calls and email support to keep you focused on the tasks that matter for long-term success
  • Editing feedback so you'll always sound like a pro platform builder.

Phase I (Weeks 1-8)
For your long-term success, we need to get clear on your vision for the world and the strengths we can tap to increase your name recognition and build your career and your platform.

During our first week together, we'll have one 90 minute strategy sessions. We’ll use this first call to identify what makes you a must-read author, a can’t be missed speaker, a no-brainer to hire, or an obvious yes leader to follow. We’ll spend the next 8 weeks working these messages into your website and email list so that new people immediately signup for your list, invite you to speak, or buy from you.

We’ll have one-hour long calls every week, reviewing done-for-you drafts of your top webpages, discussing overall strategy for your email list, and reviewing done-for-you drafts of your welcome emails.

By the end of week eight, you’ll have a website that inspires instant connections, signups, sales, or speaking invitations and an email list that builds a habit of participating so that when it comes to sell your book, offer tickets to an event, your subscribers are primed to click and buy.

Phase II (Weeks 9-20)
In our week 9 strategy call, we’ll identify the most effective strategies to build your platform based on your audience, vision whether your long-term priority is to establish yourself as an independent author, launch a public speaking career, start or grow a business, or jump-start a grassroots movement. After our call, you’ll get a custom Platform Building Plan and we’ll spend the remaining 10 weeks putting it into action.

Your custom Platform Building Plan will help you stay focused on the tasks that matter in building your career. By the end of our work together you will have done more than build a large following. You will have established the marketing and outreach habits that lead to long-term success.

Along the way, I’ll provide support as part-marketing coach, part-editor, and chief cheerleader. We’ll have follow-up calls every other week, to talk strategy or troubleshoot problems. In-between calls, I’ll answer strategy and technical questions via email. As well as provide editing feedback via Google docs. Depending on your Platform Building Plan that feedback could help you:

  • Write a more irresistible blog headline
  • Tweak ad copy for more clicks
  • Outline an unforgettable TED-style talk
  • Craft a cold email that gets replies
  • Draft a media pitch that gets accepted

Beyond the Book is a unique and highly customized program designed to give you the copywriting, strategy, and one-on-one support that doesn’t just help you sell your current book, it sets you up to become a leader in your genre or field.

If you’re one of the driven authors who’s serious about long-term success, we should chat about why one of the limited spots in Beyond the Book needs to be yours.

Investment: $4000 $3000 until July 1