First $20k month in review: November

Month in review

It’s time to look back at the highs, the lows, the numbers, and the lessons learned from the month of November.

November wasn’t pretty. In my mastermind earlier this week, one of my partners suggested maybe I could wait until next week to share the numbers with you. So things had a chance to turn from unflattering to positive.

I’m not gonna make you wait. If you stick with me, I want it to be because you want to know the truth and not the twisted version of the truth.

So, let’s get to it.

Sales -$1500

I closed no new sales in December. I let my one custom client go and refunded her entire payment, hence the negative number. After the refund, my cumulative total since I launched the First $20k is $397.

Expenses $525

$205 - on computer software - Buzzsumo, ConvertKit, Canva, Google for Work, Acuity etc.

$200 - coworking space

$120 - meditation coach

I was working part-time at home, but that became impossible in November. I had to invest in dedicated quiet space away for the month and on December 1st I moved out.

Client pipeline

I had one new referral in October. I had to let her go as well, because she had same issue as the client I refunded. She wasn’t clear enough on her niche.

I did one mini-session and that person did not become a client.

List subscribers

I started November with 38 subscribers. I ended the month with 6 new subscribers for a grand total of 44.


I invested most of my time into content that didn’t get published in November. We'll see this month if that gamble paid off. I created a 15-minute guest expert video and wrote two guest posts.

The guest expert video is about how to write a blog post that makes ideal clients want to hire you (instead of someone else). You can join the Authentic Selling® Community for instant access to watch it: Where you can also leave me a comment or ask me a question.

The first guest post was published yesterday on The Change Blog. It’s about what I discovered about courage versus recklessness riding a mountain bike over a desert mountain range. You can read it here and I’d love it if you left me a comment.

The second guest post will be published sometime in the next two months at Tiny Buddha. It’s about how to be a terrific support to a seriously ill loved one based on my experience dating someone with a terminal illness and being seriously ill myself.

I’ve been focusing on guest posts about my life experience first, because most self-improvement sites, don’t accept posts about business.

Uncertainty is the only certain thing

I don’t know what is going to happen in the next few months. I’m encouraged by the success I’ve had with guest posting. I’m three for three with pitching my own writing.

But so far that hasn’t converted into clients. I know that online marketing bloggers see big differences in the number of subscribers and clients they get from their posts based on how enthusiastically they promote their content. I haven’t seen any data for coaches or other self-improvement businesses. I’ll be experimenting with promotion over the coming months and let you know the results.

Much love!