First $20k. Month in review: October

All the Numbers

Sales $1897

I closed $1897 in sales. I sold one Hello, Authority package at its previous price of $397 and one custom package of 12 podcast pitches to a returning client for $1500.

Expenses $1,184

  • $877 - on 1:1 service including consults with a sales coach, a PR coach, and ongoing support from an editor and a meditation coach.
  • $247 - on computer software - Buzzsumo, ConvertKit, Adobe, Google for Work, Squarespace, Acuity etc.
  • $60 - coworking space

Computer software expenses were above average this month because my Squarespace contract renewed.

List subscribers

I started October 5 at 17 subscribers. By the end of October, I had doubled to 38. Most of the new subscribers came from personal messages I sent or social media.

Marketing & follow-up

My main form of marketing for October was personal emails. Both of the clients I landed in October were people who I was already connected to. I followed up with them and continued our previous conversations.

I did not reach my goal of connecting with 100 business owners in October. I lost track somewhere around 50.

I did four free mini-sessions. None of them became clients.

I also had one referral. We decided not to work together in October. But I will be following-up with her at the end of November.

Lessons learned

When I started this challenge I made a couple of assumptions.

  • I had a service that didn’t need tweaking.
  • If I got behind, I could just work more.

Both of those assumptions were wrong.

Who needs change?

I got my first returning client this month. I had no process for how to handle a returning client. I needed to revise my client agreement, create a new intake form, and design a new process for our 1:1 sessions.

I also learned that only one of six beta tester clients had ever submitted a pitch that we worked on together. She was published in mindbodygreen (Awesome!). But the other five submitted nothing. (Bummer.) I wondered if I was overwhelming them with too much info and that is why they weren’t taking action. This month I’m experimenting with the most basic service possible. We prep one single pitch, you submit it, you get results.

(I’ve still got $99 spots left. Reply to this email, if you want one so you can start getting recognized as the one and only expert your clients need.)

All these service changes took time and brainpower and energy. Time that I couldn’t put into my own marketing.

No problem. Just work weekends!

So, a little background. In 2015, I was very sick. The whole ordeal is a story for another time, but here's what's important to today's story. First, my main symptoms were severe headaches and face pain. Second, there were several months where I only left my apartment to go to the doctor. When you barely move for a few months, you lose all your strength and fitness.

Eighteen months after the worst of the pain ended, I’m still building back up to 100%.

When I started this challenge, I was working 35-40 hours a week. I could do my own laundry, go to the grocery store, and go for walks. I just wouldn’t do all three in the same day.

About two or three weeks into the challenge I started to feel behind. So I cranked up my work hours. And that plan backfired. Big time.

I got a 3-day migraine.

I had to stop completely and rest for 5 days straight. As I’ve come back to work, I still don’t feel as good as I did at the beginning of October. I’m getting exhausted in the afternoons. I’m having to take more breaks to prevent new headaches from forming. I’ve cut back on my working hours.

The Moment of Truth

Given all that I’ve needed to do to adjust my service and care for my body, making it to $20k is looking more like it’ll take 120 to 150 days instead of 90.

I want to be transparent about where things stand. While I believe it’s possible to go from $0 to $20k in 90 days, it’s looking unlikely that I am going to be able to achieve that. I’m going to be removing the “90 days” element of the challenge in all of the emails and marketing going forward.

And if you’re like “But you said 90 days! Don’t talk to me if you’re not going to make it 90 days.” Well, here’s a link to Unsubscribe.

For everyone who stays, you have my commitment that I’ll continue this series as long as it takes to get to the $20k finish line.

Thank you for coming with me on the journey so far. <3