December: Month in Review

It’s time to look back at the highs, the lows, the numbers, and the lessons learned from the month of December.

Sales $0

I closed no new sales in December. My cumulative total since I launched the First $20k is still $397.

Expenses $652

$248 -  on computer software - ConvertKit, Canva, Google for Work, and video editing software.

$346 - editing

I had to buy video editing software so I could complete my guest expert video. My editor and I are switching from a work first-pay later to a pay first- work later model. This month includes hours from November, December, and some credit for January, because I had to shelve my guest blogging plans to let my eyes rest and recover.

Client pipeline

I did almost no follow-up in December. I worked with one free client. I did a giveaway in November, although I didn’t make it obvious that I was doing a giveaway in the email. Next time, I can make that more clear.

For January, my focus will be on following up with people that I have had conversations with and also experimenting with other ways to create more leads.

List subscribers

I started December with 44 subscribers. I gained two new subscribers and lost one subscriber for a grand total of 45 subscribers.


My guest post for The Change blog brought 10 visitors to my website, two of whom became new subscribers.

My guest expert video about how to write a blog post that makes ideal clients want to hire you didn’t bring me any traffic, or subscribers, but I did gain two new Facebook page likes. I also had a 200% increase in engagement on my Facebook posts in December.

I also got about 10 website visitors from Twitter. I put together a Twitter list of the top 12 podcasts about loving your body and health at every size. Each week, I have one scheduled tweet that goes out and tells a different podcaster that they made the list. Most podcasters favorite, retweet, or reply to those tweets.

My marketing numbers are still tiny, but they are growing.

There’s one other thing I should tell you

I’m homeless. I’m not living on the streets or begging for spare change.

Over the past four years, my friend network in Seattle has collapsed. Between dating someone with a terminal illness and getting seriously ill myself, all of my relationships have been stressed. Many of them weren’t strong enough to withstand four years of crisis.

Now that I’m feeling better, it’s time for me to start over. I just don’t know where yet.

I’ve sold all my stuff, packed up my car, and I’m traveling to test out new cities. The next time you hear from me, I’ll be at a lovely little studio in Boise, Idaho.

If you’d like to follow my travels, you can follow me on Twitter.