You’re a fiction writer that wants to tell a story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

The only trouble is, how do you touch a reader’s heart or raise the hair on their neck in just a few thousand words?

The Hook is a service that helps writers write short stories suitable for publication or craft a stunningly good scene for a novel.

With The Hook, you'll write a story or scene that leave readers wanting more of your writing.

Are you...

  • Unsure how to fit a big story idea into a tiny word count…
  • Worried you’ve painted yourself into a corner in your novel and wanting some help finding the way out...
  • Eager to write a short story that has the potential to catch a literary agent’s eye…
  • Wondering how to keep readers on the edge of their seats in a pivotal scene without resorting to clichés
  • Wanting to improve your storytelling so you can use short stories to build a fan base for your longer fiction...
  • Looking for feedback to make sure your novel or novella is headed in a promising direction…

Get the critical feedback you need to write page-turning scenes and short fiction.

The Hook will help you

  • Craft a short story or a scene that hooks readers immediately
  • Force your characters to make heart-wrenching choices that make readers care
  • Write a story that turns readers into fans
  • Master storytelling skills that will make your writing memorable and addictive

The Hook Breakdown

The Hook is a service for writers who want to write a heart-stirring, spine-tingling, or touching scene or short fiction. It includes pre-work, a one hour editorial feedback call, and follow-up support.


Prior to our first call, you'll complete the pre-work and submit your story for evaluation.

Pre-work is a set of questions that will help us get clear about what kind of story or scene you’re writing and identify what readers will expect from you. My evaluation of your story will help us see how best to build on what you’ve already written.

Editorial Feedback Call

In our one hour editorial feedback call, we’ll discuss what specific steps to take so that your writing hooks readers and makes them care what happens next.

At the end of this call, you’ll receive a recording of our conversation a homework assignment, and resources to help you complete your assignment.

Depending on your story, genre, and writing experience, supporting resources may include cheat sheets that outline key conventions for your genre, recommendations on masterworks, or podcast episodes or blog posts covering an important concept in storytelling.


In the two weeks following our call, you’ll also have the opportunity to receive another round of comments on any revisions you make so that you get the feedback you need to craft a story that leaves readers wanting more of your writing.

The Hook Recap

  • Complete Pre-Work
  • Submit existing scene or short story
  • Attend one hour editorial feedback call
  • Receive feedback on revisions within for two weeks following our call
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Short Story
Includes (1) one call and an evaluation of your short story (limit: 7,500 words).

For when you’re submitting to a contest, a magazine, or an anthology and you want to impress the editor or the judges.

through 1/31/18
Single Scene (from a longer piece of fiction)
Includes (1) one call and an evaluation of your existing scene (limit: 7,500k words)

Perfect for when you need help crafting a spine-tingling, heart-stirring, or hair-raising scene.

through 1/31/18