You’ve got a manuscript, but not a published book. (Yet.)

Maybe you’ve queried literary agents and been rejected.

Maybe you’re committed to self-publishing and you want to make sure you’re an author who sells more than the average 250 copies in the first year.

The Story Grid Diagnostic helps traditional and self-published authors turn a manuscript into a story that agents want to represent and readers want to buy.

How the Story Grid Diagnostic Works

The Story Grid Diagnostic is a four week long service which gives you a clear roadmap on how to turn your first draft into a killer story.

In week one, I read your entire manuscript so we can discuss what's working well in your story, and what's not. In week two, we have our one hour phone call consultation. In our call, we look at the big picture perspective of your genre, as well as a close-up analysis of your first few scenes. After the call, you’ll get a recording of our phone conversation. In weeks three and four, I review your manuscript and craft your four deliverables to help you plan your next draft.

The Four Deliverables

  1. Six-Core Question Analysis
    • From a big picture perspective, is the story you most want to tell the story that’s coming through on the page? Does your overall story meet readers expectations for your genre?
  2. First Five Scenes Story Grid Spreadsheet
    • From a close-up analysis, what kind of tweaks would help your first few scenes grab the reader’s attention and make them want to keep reading?
  3. Masterworks of the Genre
    • What do readers expect from your genre? You’ll get three recommendations of books to read in your genre as well as a cheat sheet that points out what to look for as you read. This will help you avoid clichés and create unexpected scenes that knock the socks off your readers.
  4. Next Steps Recommendation Letter
    • A step-by-step plan that details what you need to do so that your next draft doesn’t just become a book that readers love and recommend to their friends, it’s also the next step on your path to becoming a top of your genre writer.


The Story Grid Diagnostic is a unique and custom program to help give fiction and nonfiction authors a roadmap to writing a book that readers love and becoming a better writer.

If you’re one of the motivated authors who’s serious about improving your writing, we should chat.

Investment: $997