Every novel builds to one BIG moment that all your readers are waiting for. The moment when...

  • The hero faces off against the villain…
  • Lover #1 proves their feelings to Lover #2...
  • Everything the heroes are fighting for is either won or lost on the battlefield...
  • The hero is at the make-or-break audition, performance, or competition and either wins respect, or falls flat on their face…

No matter what kind of story you're writing, your novel has a BIG moment like this. That moment is called The Core Event.

As a writer, when you know what happens in your Core Event, you know where your story starts, where it ends, and how your characters need to arc in-between.

Nail the Core Event helps you craft a Core Event for your novel that leaves readers wanting more of your writing.

Are you...

  • Scared readers will be disappointed in the ending of your novel...
  • Struggling to write a big moment that has the power to make readers feel for your characters...
  • Worried your story is dragging on and on…
  • Overwhelmed with ideas and uncertain about what should go into your book and what to leave out...
  • Afraid that you’ll wreck your book’s big moment with storytelling clichés…
  • Looking for guidance so that your novel can become the story you hope it will be…

Get the critical feedback you need to make your novel unique and memorable.

Nail the Core Event will help you

  • Tap into the primal human needs that get readers hooked on your story
  • Understand what plot points you’ll need to hit to prepare your hero for the Core Event and a believable, satisfying ending to your story
  • Craft a page-turning scene that’s true to your characters and unique to your story
  • Force your characters to make heart-wrenching choices so readers feel empathy (and inspiration)
  • Apply storytelling skills that will make your writing memorable and addictive

Nail the Core Event Breakdown

Nail the Core Event is a service for writers who want to write a heart-stirring, spine-tingling, or a touching Core Event scene. It includes pre-work, review of an existing Core Event scene, and a one hour editorial feedback call.


Prior to our first call, you'll complete the pre-work and submit your existing Core Event scene for evaluation.

Pre-work is a set of questions that will help us get clear about what kind of scene you’re writing and identify what readers will expect from you. My evaluation of your story will help us see how best to build on what you’ve already written.

Editorial Feedback Call

In our one hour editorial feedback call, we’ll discuss what specific steps to take so that your Core Event leads to a unique and satisfying ending for your story.

At the end of this call, you’ll receive a recording of our conversation a homework assignment, and resources to help you complete your assignment.

Depending on your story, genre, and writing experience, supporting resources may include cheat sheets that outline key conventions for your genre, recommendations on masterworks, or podcast episodes or blog posts covering an important concept in storytelling.

Nail the Core Event Recap

  • Pre-Work survey to help us build on your existing Core Event scene
  • Evaluation of existing scene of up to 7500 words
  • One sixty-minute editorial feedback call with personal one-on-one feedback to help you grow as a writer and storyteller
  • Audio recording of our call that you can keep forever
  • Supporting resources to help you complete your homework assignment and master key writing and storytelling concepts
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Nail Your Core Event
Includes (1) one call and an evaluation of your existing scene (limit: 7,500k words)

For when you need help crafting a spine-tingling, heart-stirring, or hair-raising Core Event that leads to a unique and satisfying ending of your book.