At twenty-nine, on the cusp of earning a PhD, Lori is smart, bitter, and restless. Eager to get out of graduate school and into the real world she refuses to do some of the work that’s expected of her after graduation and ignites a huge fight with her advisor.

Desperate to persuade the advisor to see things her way, Lori turns to communication classes for help. She’s skeptical of the new age vibe. Holding a stuffed heart to your chest when you talk about your feelings, and asking questions like – ‘How can I make your life more wonderful?’ – just seems so hokey. But desperation keeps her going back.

There she meets Evan, the nerdy, yet sincere trainer who instantly seems like trouble. Luckily, he’s terrified of women and Lori can rest safe in her marriage to an über-fit, smarty-pants husband. That is, until everything starts to change.

In the end, Lori’s faced with tough choices about divorce, career, and ultimately, love.

Coming in 2018