You’re a fiction writer who wants to write page-turning stories.

The only trouble is, you’re still looking for the secret to writing that keeps readers turning page.

Master Scenes is a service that helps writers craft scenes that make readers ask what happens next so you can publish a page-turning novel or short story.

With Master Scenes, you can take the shortcut to growing the storytelling skills to build a fiction career.

Are you….

  • Working on a story or a small part of a longer piece and feel like it just isn’t coming together…
  • Hoping to sell a fiction story to a magazine, website, or media outlet, and scared that you’ll be rejected. (Again.)...
  • Planning on pitching your novel to agents and want to know how to make your First Pages stand out…
  • A published author who’s tired of getting negative reviews for your book...
  • Worried that readers aren’t going to read past the first few pages of your novel…
  • Entering a writing contest hoping to find the secret to making the judge’s love your story...
  • Dreaming of a career as a full-time writer and ready to do what it takes to make that happen...

Get the critical feedback you need to write page-turning fiction.

Imagine the excitement you'll feel the moment contest results are posted and you see your name listed as the winner. Picture the thrill of getting a call from an agent who wants to represent you. Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel when your story is published and you start hearing from the readers who loved it.

What if?

  • Your current story was a career turning point - the first step to making your dreams of becoming a full-time writer come true?
  • You not only sold your story, you had editors ask you if you had any more?
  • Other writers started asking you for advice because they wanted to write stories as good as yours?

Master Scenes will help you craft fiction that...

  • Hooks readers immediately
  • Makes readers care what happens to your characters
  • Is filled with memorable, distinctive characters
  • Leads readers to tell their friends about your story
  • Surprises readers and keep them coming back for more
  • Makes your writing addictive

How Master Scenes Works

Master Scenes is a service for writers who want to master THE most important skill for writing page-turning fiction - crafting compelling scenes.

The Master Scenes service includes pre-work, a 45-minute editorial feedback call, a Story Grid scene analysis, and line-level feedback on your writing.

Prior to our editorial call, you'll complete the pre-work and submit your story. After our call, you'll get the Story Grid scene analysis, and an an annotated copy of your story with line-level feedback.

Master Scenes Breakdown


Pre-work is a set of questions that will help us understand who your readers are and what they’ll expect from your story.

It’ll also help us identify any special requirements that your story or scene needs to meet, such as a specific word count, a contest theme, a particular tone and voice, or improvement in a specific area of writing.

Editorial Feedback Call  

In our forty-five minute editorial feedback call, we’ll discuss how to improve your story or scene. Feedback may cover how to: create a stronger hook to draw readers in, deliver a stronger emotional punch, and make readers desperate to know what happens next. 

At the end of this call, you’ll receive a recording of our conversation, a copy of the Story Grid scene analysis, and an annotated copy of your story with line-level feedback on your writing.

Story Grid Scene Analysis

I will analyze your scene according to the Story Grid method, which was developed by Shawn Coyne, an editor with over 25 years of experience who’s published scores of bestselling books.

Specifically, you’ll receive an evaluation that identifies these aspects of your story or scene:

  • Overall strengths and areas for improvement
  • Shift in life value for each scene. This is key to making readers care what happens.
  • Five Commandments of Storytelling (Inciting Incident, Progressive Complications, Crisis, Climax, and Resolution) for each scene. The Five Commandments are the secret to structuring your scenes so readers stay hooked.

Line-level Feedback

You’ll also receive line-level feedback on your story or scene. Feedback will highlight writing that works well as well as writing that could be strengthened. Feedback will include specific suggestions, the rationale for recommended changes, and examples showing options for changes.

Exact topics covered in line-level feedback will vary depending on the writer’s goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Topics will also vary according to the story’s genre and specific requirements. Potential feedback topics include:

  • Changes to hook the reader more forcefully or earlier in the story
  • Suggestions on how to keep the tension building throughout the scene to keep readers on the edge of their seats
  • Places to add backstory or worldbuilding info and ways to weave it in naturally to give readers a vivid image of your characters and their world
  • Changes to dialogue to advance the story and reveal more about who your characters really are
  • Places to add humor, and ways to get a bigger laugh from your readers
  • Ways to make your climax more surprising to your readers
  • Suggestions to turn told prose into character action, dialogue, or shown details so your readers have the fun of reading between the lines
  • Suggestions on how to make the rules of your system of magic more clear, so the reader focuses on the story, not the rules of magic
  • How to show what your characters want and how badly they want it, without saying, “This is what my character wants. And she really, really wants it.”
  • Tweaks to give your story a bigger emotional punch
  • Ways to make your characters more distinctive, believable, and memorable 

Master Scenes Recap

  • Submit existing scene or short story
  • Complete Pre-Work
  • Attend the 45-minute Editorial Feedback Call
  • Receive Story Grid scene analysis, line-level feedback, and recording of our call.

Master Scenes: Investment

2,000 word Story or Scene
Includes (1) one call, (1) Story Grid scene analysis, and (1) copy of line-level feedback. (Limit: 2,000 words)


5,000 word Story or Scene
Includes (2) two calls, (1) Story Grid scene analysis, and (1) copy of line-level feedback. (Limit: 5,000 words)


10,000 word Story or Scene
Includes (3) three calls, (1) Story Grid scene analysis, and (1) copy of line-level feedback. (Limit: 10,000 words)


Master Scenes is a unique service that gives writers the feedback they need to master the #1 skill in fiction writing: crafting compelling scenes.

If you’re one of the motivated authors who’s hoping to build a career as a writer and is looking for the secret formula to creating stories that get published and scenes that make readers desperate to know what happens next, schedule your free Master Scenes call today.