You need Love at First Offer if you

  • Are preparing to pitch yourself to the media soon and want to make the most of your publicity
  • Have a website and marketing funnel that hasn’t been updated in years and doesn’t reflect the kind of writing or work you do now
  • Know DIYing your web copy is costing you valuable time you could be writing
  • Get traffic to your website, but few email signups, or...
  • Get plenty of email signups but it’s been tough turning those subscribers into sales
  • Want to give your new subscribers something more than than a slick pitch
  • Suspect your website isn’t making you as much money as it should
  • Plan to launch a book or a service soon and want a rock solid system for leading new subscribers to buy
  • Want web and email copy that has as much heart as you do

You could become one of those top performers...

Imagine the moment when you get the final sales numbers from your sold out program. Picture your calendar booked with dream clients. Picture Imagine the day when you feel so confident in your writing or your business that you invest in that high-end web redesign package, hire full-time help, or finally book that month-long vacation.


Enter: Love at First Offer

With Love at First Offer you will

  • Get a website that generates signups and book sales
  • Make prospects and clients feel like they’re lucky to have found you
  • Feel the confidence that comes from watching your email list grow
  • Learn to promote your services without constant pitching
  • Create the kind of genuine connections that lead to bigger impact
  • Refine your system for converting prospects into customers
  • Give clients practical and emotional reasons to hire you over anyone else
  • Position yourself as an expert worth top-dollar rates

Love at First Offer Breakdown


Over the course of 6 weeks, during a two-hour kickoff call, and 5 weekly one-hour implementation calls, we work together to revise your website and craft an email series that attracts the right people, positions you as a trusted expert, and gets them hooked on your writing and work.

Weeks Activity
0 Kickoff - Client's journey map
1 Top web pages
2Email welcome sequence strategy
3-6Writing the welcome sequence messages

Week 0 Kickoff

In our kickoff call, we map out the journey that your readers or clients take to come to you and what results they're looking for. Over our next 4 calls, we’ll use this map to update your top 5 web pages and create a welcome email sequence that shows them you’ve got their back and let's them see how you can help.

After the kickoff, you’ll also get a custom cheat sheet showing you how to use your client journey map in blogging and newsletters.

Week 1 Top web pages

In our first implementation call, we'll go over custom copyedits for your your top webpages (up to 5). Custom copyedits means, before our call, I review your existing copy and show you how to add telling details from your clients’ journey so they feel more emotionally connected to you. As well as give you recommendations on how to tweak your sales language to be more persuasive. On our call, we review the edits, make further revisions, and if there are additional edits for you to do, I review them for you over the next week.

If you’re looking for someone to start from scratch and rewrite your copy without much involvement on your part, this is NOT the service for you.

Week 2-6 Email welcome sequence

In our second one-hour implementation call, we'll map out the overall strategy for your email welcome sequence. (aka autoresponders. They’re the emails subscribers get when they first sign up for your list.) Together, we'll work out the best set of messages to let new subscribers know they’re in the right place, get them get a quick result(Hello, free opt-in!), and show them what would be possible if they hired you for more in-depth work.

If you’re writing your first welcome sequence, we’ll spend our three remaining implementation calls outlining a simple, effective sequence together. Plus, you’ll get custom copyedits of your opt-in.

If you’ve got an existing welcome sequence*, we’d spend our next 3 implementation reviewing custom copyedits and outlining new messages that need to be added.

By the end of our work together you’ll have a website and email funnel that leaves prospects primed to hear more from you and guides them naturally to your paid services.

*Got a welcome sequence of 8 or more messages? Let me know in the intake form and I'll give you a custom quote.

Love at First Offer is a unique program designed to give you copy that lets prospects know that you’ve got their back connected to a marketing strategy designed to make you more money and increase your impact.

If you’re ready to see what we can accomplish together, let’s talk.

Investment: $1200

What makes Love at First Offer different from other copywriting services is that we take the time to map out your clients stories so we know exactly how to make them feel good about signing up for your list and hiring you for your services. Then, I give you custom cheat sheets and guides so that show you how to use that knowledge for life.

If you’re one of the practical, business owners who's as serious about building genuine connections as you are about making a living, grab one of the 3 spots available before they’re gone.