January: Month in review

It’s time to look back at the highs, the lows, the numbers, and the lessons learned from the month of January.

Sales $0

I closed no new sales in January. Not a surprise, since I took down my sales page to focus on market research. My cumulative sales total since I launched the First $20k is $397.

Expenses $2454

$54 - on computer software - ConvertKit, Google for Work, domain name renewal.

$2400 - business strategist

I hired a business strategist to help me build my signature service. We start working together in mid-March. It was scary to commit to such a large purchase when I don't have a ton of money in the bank. I also feel relieved. I've felt lost when it comes to designing a larger package and I am excited to get dedicated support to create something I can stand behind proudly.

Clients 1

While I didn’t close any new sales, I did start a trade with my editor. She reviews my writing, I help her figure out what to blog about to attract more of the authors she’s looking for.

Client pipeline

I offered a free email list review to coaches and writers who were willing to share their experience with blogging and email lists with me. This has been one of my most successful free offers to date. It's generated referrals, thank you messages, and has shown me what I need to be teaching in my content and services. Since I’m still collecting responses, I’ll include the full number breakdown, in February’s review.

If I haven’t reviewed your email list yet, you’ve still got time! Answer questions here by Feb 15 and I’ll check out your services, sign up for your email list, and give you feedback on whatever opt-in or welcome emails you send to new subscribers.

List subscribers

I started January with 45 subscribers and ended with 45. Not a surprise, because....


Rebuilding my services was my first priority this month so I didn’t do any additional marketing beyond market research.

Service Design

Based on the market research I've done so far, I've got a few different ideas for low-cost introductory packages I could offer. I'll be sharing the first one with you next week! And it'll be a screaming deal, because I want to work with as many people as possible between mid-February and mid-March. (Gotta make sure I get my money's worth out of the business strategist. ;) )

Health Update

Back in December, I shared that I was having eye pain in my right eye and it was impacting my ability to use a computer. I’m happy to report that my eye is better! It turns out it wasn’t my eye at all. It was the muscles surrounding my eye. When I gently massage those muscles on a regular basis, I’m pain-free. Whoohoo!

Thanks for coming with on the journey so far!


p.s. If you want to share my feedback offer with your friends here's some copy you can use:

Coaches & writers! Want honest, personalized feedback on your email sign-up and opt-in? Share your experience with blogging and email lists to get yours. Free! https://ctt.ec/mdp48+