February: Month in Review

It’s time to look back at the highs, the lows, the numbers, and the lessons learned from the month of February.

Sales $0

I closed no new sales in February. I tried offering a new beta service on blog strategy. I help you figure out your next four blog posts and make sure that each of those posts is helping you towards one of these goals - getting traffic, establishing you as an expert, letting readers test your expertise, or giving clients a reason to hire you over someone else. Unfortunately, I didn’t follow through on the marketing and sales side, partly due to some of my travel plans falling through.

I’m working with a business strategist starting March 14th and right now I’m focused on getting my life in order so I can don’t have follow through problems moving forward. My cumulative sales since I launched the First $20k is still $397.

Expenses $34

$34 - on computer software - ConvertKit, Google for Work.

I cut costs this month down to the bare minimum.

Clients 0

Last month, I started a trade with my editor, but our work together was put on hold due to life happening for both of us.

Client pipeline

A total of 11 people shared their experience with blogging and email lists with me in exchange for free feedback on their email list. Getting subscribers and getting existing subscribers to engage were two of the most common struggles.

List subscribers

I started January with 45 subscribers and ended with 56.


My guest post on Tiny Buddha was published this month. I picked up 10 new subscribers, had someone else ask me to write for their site, and received some very sweet messages and comments.

Affiliate Marketing

I also was an affiliate for Becca Tracey’s Uncage Your Business program. I wasn’t expecting to make any money from it this time around with only 56 subscribers. I did it more to see how much work it takes to be an affiliate. (Not a whole lot if you’re doing it for someone as organized as Becca.)

I also wanted to see if it triggered any unsubscribes or bad feelings. I often unsubscribe from a list if I feel that the list owner sends affiliate offers that aren’t a good fit for me. One person unsubscribed from my list after receiving one of the emails I sent related to Becca’s program. If I do this again, I would like to segment my email list so that I only send it to the people who are likely to be a good fit for the program.

Why I Can't Wait to *Stop* Traveling

In the last monthly review I shared that I was going to be in Nashville, Tennessee from now to the end of March. Halfway through Kansas, my long-term reservation in Tennessee was cancelled. I was supposed to stay at an AirBnB, and the roof on the house had been damaged in a recent severe storm. I had no idea what a rabbit hole this cancellation was going to send me down.

None of the well-reviewed AirBnBs with kitchens and reliable wifi in Nashville, Louisville, Pittsburgh, or Cincinnati were available for more than a month. I started looking for regular apartments on Craigslist and quickly realized that Nashville was outside of my budget. Louisville didn’t seem to have any of the small, nice apartments I was looking for. After replacing broken axles and investigating a possible gas leak, I wasn’t convinced my car would hold up all the way to Pittsburgh.

So, I came to Cincinnati. Where I was reminded that most property management companies won’t rent to someone who doesn’t have verifiable income. So I checked out temporary housing and roommate options where I would be able to speak directly with the landlord and show them a bank statement to prove that I had the income to cover rent for a few months.

And I’m sitting here waiting to hear that I’ve cleared a credit and background check for a super cute studio in a really nice neighborhood near the University of Cincinnati. Because this has been a scary couple of weeks and I am ready to get back to work.