You’ve got a dreams of writing bestselling novels.

Except, right now all you’ve got is a mess of words on your computer and no idea what it takes to turn a half-finished manuscript into a publishable book.

Finish Your Novel helps you finish your current novel and master the storytelling skills you need to build a career as a fiction author.

Do you….

  • Have a manuscript that you’ve been toying with for years, but just can’t seem to get right...
  • Worry that readers won’t continue beyond the first the ten pages of your story…
  • Feel overwhelmed with ideas for your book and unsure about which ones to keep in and what to leave out...
  • Wonder what the secret is to making your story (finally) come together...
  • Wish you had a start to finish process for completing this novel so you could get started on your next one...
  • Wake up sweaty, late at night, wondering if you’re ever gonna make it as an author...

Or maybe you’re an optimist...

Imagining the day your book is published as you watch the 4- and 5-star Amazon reviews start to come in. Picturing how satisfied you’ll feel when you get first email from a fan asking when your next book comes out. Savoring the thought of touching the lives of readers around the world with your story.

What if

  • Publishing your novel was a career turning point - the first step to making your dreams of becoming a full-time writer come true?
  • You had so many agents and editors interested in your novel that there was a bidding war over your book?
  • Other writers started asking you for advice because they wanted to write a book as good as yours?

With Finish Your Novel you will learn to write

  • Use primal human needs to hook readers on your story
  • Apply the Five Commandments of Storytelling to progressively build tension and keep readers glued to the page
  • Craft believable characters that readers relate to and love (or love to hate) using principles of psychology
  • Deliver a plot that leaves genre fans hungry for more of your writing
  • Draft a professional quality story suitable for querying agents or self-publishing
  • Tell a clear, memorable story that no one else but you can write

Most importantly, you’ll no longer be stuck in an endless loop of writing and revising. You’ll have a clear map of exactly what steps to take to finish your novel and grow your career as a novelist.

How Finish Your Novel Works

Finish Your Novel is a six-month long service designed to help writers go from a mess of a manuscript to a professional first draft. The kind of draft that can be polished into a story you’ll feel proud to self-publish or that can help you land a literary agent.

Finish Your Novel Breakdown


Prior to our first call, you'll complete the pre-work and submit your existing manuscript for evaluation.

Pre-work is a set of questions that will help us get clear about your genre and what readers will expect from your book. My evaluation of your existing scenes or manuscript will help us see how best to build on what you’ve already written.

First Call  

In our first one hour editorial feedback call, we’ll discuss your submitted scenes and the genre for your story. At the end of this call, you’ll receive a homework assignment that you will complete and send to me prior to our next call.

Depending on your chosen genre, your story, and your writing experience, your assignment may include: writing a new scene, revising an existing scene, reviewing a cheat sheet for your genre, outlining your story in three sentences, brainstorming new scenes, reviewing a masterwork, or character research.

Calls Two through Twenty-Three

In our next few calls, we’ll work on the arc of your entire story. What’s the tragic lie that your main characters are telling themselves? What’s the lesson that the hero needs to learn from beginning to end of the story? What are the forces that keep the lovers apart and bring them together? You’ll receive a homework assignment at the end of every call to be completed prior to our next call.

(If your palms are sweating because that last paragraph sounds too much like plotting, just know that I’ve got ways of making this work for pantsers as well as plotters.)

Once we know where your story starts and ends, we’ll refine your scenes so readers say What happens next???! We’ll also make sure that the tension keeps building over the course of the story so readers keep turning pages.

Final Call

In our final call, we'll review your homework from the previous call and discuss next steps. If this is the end of our time working together, you’ll receive a Next Steps Recommendation Letter that outlines a step-by-step plan for continuing to make progress towards a completed novel with recommended resources on writing, publishing, and marketing your book.  

Finish Your Novel Recap

Finish a full-length novel of 70-100k words.

  • Pre-work survey to help us see how we can build on your existing manuscript
  • Complete review of your existing manuscript of up to 100k words
  • 24 1-hour calls with personal one-on-one feedback to help you grow as a writer and storyteller
  • Audio recording of each call that you can keep forever
  • Weekly assignments to help you craft a page-turning story filled with believable, compelling characters
  • Cheat sheets, short guides, and other resources to help you master key writing and storytelling concepts
  • Experience using a professional writing process that will help you save time (and frustration) on all your future novels
  • Access to book marketing resources to help you grow your career as an author

Finish Your Novel: Investment

Full-length Novel
Includes (24) twenty-four calls, an evaluation of your existing manuscript (limit: 100k words), a Next Steps Recommendation letter.

Finish your full-length romance, thriller, action-adventure, western, fantasy, scifi, or young adult novel with a final word count of 70-100k words.

Six payments of $500

*If you have a manuscript, that’s over the 100k word limit ask for a custom quote when you schedule your free feedback session.

Finish Your Novel is a unique service that gives novelists a step-by-step process to master fundamental storytelling principles necessary to complete a professional quality story, without decades of banging your head against the wall.

If you’re one of the motivated authors who’s been desperately seeking the magical formula or missing link to writing a book that readers can’t put down and agents want to represent apply for Finish Your Novel today.